Hey Cave, Krown here, today I'm very proud to be bringing you something that's been sought after for quite some time 

A few years back when I was just getting into learning about the world of cryptocurrency I, like many, discovered that there're hidden gems, diamonds in the rough, scattered around the crypto-sphere. So naturally, the OCD side of myself needed to discover every way how I could find these Secrets.

At first I was pretty let down as my initial research made me believe that nearly every coin I had dug into was a complete waste of time, a scam, a false marketing technique etc.. I could only find pump and dump groups just trying to shill their own coin to dump on their group; this is obviously not what I wanted.

With that in mind, I began to search for a true expert in the field of Fundamental Analysis, someone who had spent YEARS mastering the art. After awhile of asking around, I was introduced by a friend-of-a-friend to a Fundamental Consultant that he had sworn by. Me, coming from a traditional equity options trading background, was quite skeptical as I’m sure you are as well with regards to an expert like this.

I had my doubts and apprehensions about the information that this person held, especially for his price point (he only deals with high scale clients $10,000 for one-on-one work typically), but having been involved in the Bitcoin community since 2012, and as a highly trained programmer his resume spoke for itself.

So I put him to the test with a small demo account of $5,000.. Within the span of half a year the suggestions he made had seen my account grow to a value over $110,000. By this point I was convinced.

If you know me, it goes without saying that I am a MAJOR believer in cryptocurrencies long-term viability. However, I also believe that 95% of these cryptocurrencies currently available are more akin to vaporware and will likely not be trading within the next 3 to 5 years.

I strongly believe that the cryptocurrencies that do survive the rigors of an ever changing market will be wildly successful. The head of the CFTF, Christopher Giancarlo, has been quoted in past SEC hearings as claiming that this market could be worth $20 TRILLION by 2020. With a current overall market cap of less than half a trillion as of this writing, you can very quickly understand how monstrously successful the true winners will likely be.

How long will it take to see the true values of the winners, might you ask.. We’ll let’s take a look at a relatable event - the Dotcom Era. The winners there, Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.. are still growing ever more rapidly almost 20 years from their initial beginnings. So I want to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that this service is NOT designed as a Pump & Dump..

While the current market cycle is quite generous to the overall crypto-sphere, the true vision for what our Consultant believes to be the most likely to be the ‘Real Winners’ will likely takes years to really shine as the best projects begin to EXPLOSIVELY differentiate themselves and the pretenders are dumped in a haze of panic like the worthless vaporware they are.

Given that demo account’s success was an excellent start to our ongoing relationship over the past years. So naturally I wanted to share his information with the Cave, but that would be a breach of our confidentiality, which I understand from his point of view, but with some clever persuasion I have come up with a middle ground for sharing this fundamental analysis..


  • The analysis will be presented in a weekly format with a full expose on one crypto delivered to you every week
  • We decided it makes most sense to run this program on a monthly schedule so that means...

YOU will get 4 full fundamental analysis reports a month accompanied by my technical analysis on my ideal long term entries and targets.

And this is why I dug my feet in and did my best to bring this analysis to you in a much more affordable format than my consultant typically deals with

His highly sophisticated method for digging in deep to the fundamentals of small cap lesser known cryptocurrencies includes employing private investigators, questioning expert developers, personal contact with founders and analyzing the actual underlying technology of the Githubs related to projects, among other methods.


  • One cryptocurrency from a curated list of +4,000 EVERY WEEK
  • Focused on Micro-Market Cap - Sub 10 Million Market Cap
  • Underground information from private investigations
  • Insight from contacts EMBEDDED in projects
  • Over a decade of specific focus EXPERIENCE on analyzing fundamentals
  • Analysis of the founder(s) and developers identities, integrity, and intentions
  • Review of code quality and development history, roadmap, etc.
  • Discussion of the technology's real-world feasibility and current use. A look into speed, fees, premine, inflation rate, distribution, and other important, hard-to-find data
  • My personal technical analysis on my ideal entries and exits for each presented coin
  • A HIGHLY Discounted price point - I really went to bat for the Cave in getting this content at a much more competitive price

A full analysis delivered each Friday. Due to the nature of this service there are no refunds available as to maintain the integrity of the service.


So again guys, I'm very proud to be bringing you this service as it's something I personally use.

WEEKLY Expose on a Coin!

My most trusted consultation source reveals Secrets of the Cave.

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